Fashion is a craze among teenagers and it is evolving over time and there have been major changes observed as far as changing fashion trends are concerned. The reason for fashion industry to boom is that the consumers have different cultures and the marketing trends are entirely based on the changes which influence the brand of consumers. This means that fashion should be changed constantly and ensure that the demands are being fulfilled for the consumers. The latest trends in fashion need to be adopted as the companies monitor the demands of the consumers and this is the most convenient way for targeting majority of customers.

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Fashion industry has changed and evolved over time which means that to follow with the craze and trend of the youth fashion industry should observe the trends and changes in the market that are followed by majority of customers. Fashion has been a craze among teenagers especially youth which follows all the latest trends in the industry.

What is fashion?

Fashion is one of the most popular style or practices that are used by people and nowadays in the modern 21st century there will be hardly any person being unaware of the fashion sense. (Banister et al, 2014). There is observation of fashion sense at in observing the clothing makeup, accessories, footwear and also body or furniture which makes fashion sense to be one of the distinctive styles used in working and also to manage the designs at which makes it difficult for people especially designers who have the responsibility to create new dresses and the textile designers to have innovation and add technicality for the costume designing along with linking the term ‘fashion’ and regulating the special senses such as fancy dresses which should be added in various clothing studies.

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Fashion popularity is more common among teenagers especially young school boys and girls show competitive spirit when it comes towards dressing smartly especially to ensure that they have sporty and trendy smart-up-to-date looks which makes them to deliver their fashion sense. The fashionable society has been a major source that influences the style by putting up the society and people to follow the latest trends. Teenagers have been wild on fashion as they want to stay stylish even the passport picture also people need to add style.

Students have been putting in extra efforts for the fashion and they buy expensive designer clothing which has the latest cut, design and sequence which is used by them to show variety of style. Fashion changes over time which was quite decent at one phase but now the trending styles such as dark approach and also using variety of colours and unique fancy stuff has been adding up extra efforts which make people to spend more money on fashion rather than on their food.

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This essay shall evaluate the importance of fashion in the modern world and also to understand the way fashion industry has made people go crazy especially teenagers. The aim of this essay is to explore different fashion trends and the way it impacts the users especially the majority of audience which sees fashion as a source of inspiration in their lives.

Fashion Literature Review

Fashion tends to spread globally and plays an important role in processing the fashion sense and also to exhibit the latest trending dresses. Fashion industry shows the trends and the youth have been crazy on following the changing fashion trends which show that people spend much money on getting them styles.

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There are different tools used by fashion industry to make the youth crazy and these tactics are called promotions. Most of the promotion is done by television where people see an actor or actress wearing particular outfit which later becomes the trending fashion (Bhardwaj et al, 2010). The youth follows famous celebrities on the social sites and in order to become like them they change their style and enter into the modern fashion world. These advertisements have been a source for creating awareness among people regarding different brands and their preferences have also changed over time.

The fashion industry in the modern age has more focus on the clothing brands and even there are many handmade items which have been the trending fashion industries. There has been increase in new technologies such as the introduction of factories has made fashion industry to emerge as a strong source in business which is successful (Masson et al, 2007). Girls are very fond of looking beautiful and gorgeous which make the fashion industry to be more suitable for reaching girls and nowadays the modern business environment shows that men also are aware of the changing fashion trends as they have major focus on the changing business and adopt policies which make them look superior over their seniors.

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The fashion industry has many changes especially in Europe and America which showed huge change in the clothing sector as the emergence of brands such as H&M, Splash, Channel, Burberry etc. have made the girls and teenagers go wild and they have been engaged majorly in buying expensive brands which shall make them look prestigious in society. Fashion industry has made the youth more conscious about fashion and also they focus more on grooming them in 21st century which was not much in the past. Fashion has been evolving over time and the latest trends and changing styles at several occasions have helped to manage the business and also make it easy to target many customers (Loebbecke et al, 2014).

People especially teenagers’ focus more on fashion because it shall make them look good and also they will be more desirable among people all around the world. Fashion spreads across the globe with ease and when it comes towards the clothes and choice of hair people have been quite conscious because they want to look stylish and beautiful. There are many stylish clothes being worn by people and also most of the time the use of fashionable hair styles and wearing stylish clothes have been making teenagers to look more amazing. This is the major reason teenagers have been following the latest trends which will make them similar to their icons (Arvidsson, et al, 2010).

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Fashion industry has been evolving over time and there have been many changes presented which engage the fashion designers and beautiful models are selected which boosts the sales. People crave for the fashion and are regarded to be one of the most profit oriented sector which is the reason that many teenagers prefer to work for the fashion industry which will help them earn a career. Modelling in the fashion industry is a source for many young teenagers to show their talent and they are being paid millions of dollars for exhibiting and promoting products.

Teenagers prefer to go to the countries more which have been associated to be the fashion centres in the world and get training to enter into the fashion industry. There are many celebrities in different acting sectors such as Hollywood or Bollywood etc. who have been engaged in international fashion industry which makes them famous in short span of time. Fashion is changing according to the demands and most of the time teenagers show change in their mood and ideas with the changing industry (Life-Cycle, 2012). There is usage of T.V for selection of fashion which is majorly creative and these advertisements have created and opened path for many businesses.

Teenagers go crazy all over the world when they see a new style or fashion to emerge and they craze to get associated with such a fashion or are able to buy such goods which will help them to look smarter and beautiful. The most important strategy used by fashion industry is the selection of beautiful actors and they will help in free promotion of these products by charging amount only to the fashion industry. There are many youth regarding smoking as a trend of fashion while some consider it to be a shameful act (Masson et al, 2007).

Fashion has different essence for everyone as for some people it can be a symbol of attraction while for some people it acts as a source of general knowledge. There are many teenagers who have been employed in the fashion industry which means that it has opened the doors for people to enter into the industry which has huge investment. Fashion industry sectors have expectations that the designers shall help people to know more about their needs and also to cater the taste of people which makes the fashion industry to be more conscious as it is booming in the modern world.

There is observation of the changing fashion styles such as hairstyle, clothes m ornaments and even the food and drinks change which make people to crave more for style. The modern era is all about fashion and trends which make youth feel crazy as well as excited to follow the changing trends. The teenagers add spice and flavour to the changing business styles and trends which show that fashion shows significant changes and also most of the youth in the current society wants to look and feel charming for which the only option left for them is to stay stylish and follow the changing business environment. Fashion industry is being imitated by the youth especially young men and women bring into their styles and vogue fashions.

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The movie sectors have been a major source for encouraging people to copy fashion especially the hairstyles of people using different dresses and ornaments along with mannerism (Banister et al, 2014). There has been strong support of changing fashion trends which means that low class people should be able to change the fashion industry and also to contribute more onwards the popularization of fashions.

The fashion industry has been imported to many Indian countries especially when it comes to fashion sector which include Berlin, London, Paris, Tokyo and New York to be the centre of fashion which has made the culture to be crazy among youth. The western culture has been dominated in the fashion industry and most of all young people are very much into following the fashion and changing trends. These trends are not easy to follow as the fashion sector follows the changing patterns and teenagers stick to internet and social websites which make them follow the trending fashions and to make development to be easier and also to adopt valuable and great deal of money in the industry.

Fashion industry has been regulating and changing over time which means that the difference is more between the past and present situation at workplace. Fashion industry is the voice of teenagers now and it is observed commonly that teenagers especially youth have been crazy over fashion which makes them to wear new bags, watches and also they are involved in many fashion activities (Banister et al, 2014). Teenagers are more fashionable than the adults now and also they have been regarded as trend setters which have made tend to develop their own way of style that makes them icon among several groups. Technology acts as a strong weapon for making fashion to emerge as a strong source among youth which has developed the society and added more benefits in the current sources and also technological trends have made continuation of clothing sectors has made many teenagers to follow these changes.

The most common example observed in the recent times is the changes in the small panels such as smart fabrics which are used to enhance wearer and add comfort over using changes in colour and texture of clothes. The fashion industry seems to be effective as 3D printing technology which influences the designers and also ensures that consumers have the potential for entering into the retail sectors (Life-Cycle, 2012). The youth prefers the latest digital print clothing which shows the innovation aspect presented by fashion industry that follows the latest changing trends and makes it to be more impressive for the youth.

Fashion industry has evolved more due to the social media platforms as there are many opportunities for the goods which are being sold online. The use of social sites such as Instagram and Facebook have resulted in making awareness among the youth as far as the fashion trends are concerned which makes a high demand of specific product by the youth. There are many online pages made by these fashion retailers which offer teenagers and other customers an open platform to order the latest fashion clothes, accessories or bags etc (Banister et al, 2014). The earlier trends in the fashion belonged to a particular class but now these trends have changed and also created major opportunity for developing the industry and creating consciousness among people which is a major factor for making people crazy and to spread the language of style among people.

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Teenagers get major information from magazines and also they have left their time for making them look more stylish. They have regular visits on parlour and get their nails, manicure, and pedicure or get their hair coloured in regular basis. They try to imitate like models and even some of them get surgeries to look stylish and fashionable just like their favourite actors. Teenagers spend hours and hours searching for their favourite clothing brand which they follow and also they read articles that are published and are related with the latest changing trend of fashion which makes them aware of the changing trends ( Ünay et al, 2012). The major zones are the shopping malls which serve as a joint spot for fashion to meet their desired customers. Parents have also been supporting their teenagers as they know that looking good will help their child to get better confidence.

Most of the teenagers have taken fashion industry as their profession and people are engaged to the industry by being designers and using beautiful models which help them to get more attention from the customers. There are fashion parades going on which help in exhibiting the latest dresses related with fashion and modelling industry. These trending fashion industry clothes have been a major source which has helped and developed the business by creating enthusiasm among people. The parades by fashion industries have been a collective source for developing this industry. There are many countries being associated to have a strong sense of fashion and designing which capture the mind of teenagers.

The dresses are designed in such a way that people especially teens find them attractive and these casual outfits help in making place among the youth especially the brands such as Pierre Cardin, Versace, Gucci and Dolce Gabbana etc. These formal outfits have been trending among the youth and the brands have been a rage and craving for the youth because these names are associated with being fashionable and stylish. The famous brand names are enough to get attention from majority of customers as this makes them to be more suitable and adopted towards the society.

Fashion is something which cannot be predicted as it changes on regular basis which means that the major influence is on designers to bring something in fashion and collectively work on the ideas of people. The major influencing sources of fashion are the glossy, colourful sources which have created awareness among majority and also have made it changing regarding the fashion industry. Media has played a major role in creating fashion boom as there are different kinds of resources which include books, various sources along with the T.V programmes which provide live telecast of major fashion shows that are conducted in different places and these fashion trends have been followed by people because they have major influence on the idea and fashion trends at business worlds and most of the time colleges have conducted ramp shows for creating urge among teenagers to value fashion.

The fashion industry changes and for some people wearing clothes and looking stylish is a symbol of style while most of the time people consider attitude at workplace is fashion. The fashion and style sense in youth is a major source for attracting majority and also teenagers have been living more in westernized society which makes them to be more oriented on fashion and they are more inclined towards looking stylish and attracting the attention of many people (Bhardwaj et al, 2010). This shows that fashion has major influence among people and also to develop their skills strategically which influences the fashion industry in world.

Fashion and industry have played a major role in influencing and making the world change. The most important aspect is that teenagers have been developing the fashion industry which makes huge investment in fashion industry which has evolved and also designers have been engaged in creating fashion which is influenced by the taste and preference of many people. The fashion industry is booming and technology plays a major role in developing style and reflecting the social progress and prosperity among people.

Fashion Conclusion

Fashion is popular style followed by youth and it varies in terms of hair, clothes etc. The industry in fashion sector is changing and is static which means that one needs to follow the latest changing trends. Youth is very much crazy about fashion and style which leaves an impression among them to be more focused and inclined towards achieving sustainability which makes fashion industry to have great sense among people and people have been given with better opportunities in fashion industry.

Youth has been very much engaged in various sectors and people all around the world have different ideas as far as fashion is concerned. Fashion has gained more importance over time and youth has been craving more regarding the fashion needs as everyone wants to look pretty and presentable as people in fashion industry especially youth is engaged more because it wants to look smart, attractive and stylish while fashion and styles have adopted latest trends in speech and style influencing the industry. Therefore, fashion industry is the key player to dominate the ideas among youth by facilitating people to follow their needs and style.

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